[fanfic] Cool Whip, Bad Cooks and Boring Things

Happy Holidays Everybody!

I had originally posted this work on fanfiction.net but it’s Christmas in my house and I wanted to give the people who read this blog  a little gift.  Cool Whip, Bad Cooks and Boring Things is just… Selphie being Selphie.


Selphie looked up from the tub of cool whip in her lap, a small dollop of the topping on her nose.  She smiled mischievously at the SeeD Commander who levelled a look of disapproval at the girl.  “Hiya Squall!”

“What are you eating?”

“Cool whip.”

“… Why are you eating Cool whip?

“Because it tastes good!”

Squall pressed a hand over his eyes, shaking his head in response.  He should’ve expected this from Selphie.  A silence fell between the two as the stormy eyed brunet sank into the couch in his living room.  Why had he given Selphie the key to his condo?

“Squall?” Selphie asked carefully.

The Commander sighed before answering.  “Yes, Selphie?”

“Did you want some?”

A brief chuckle escaped his throat despite his willing it not to.  “No thank you.”

Squall heard a lid snapping into place before feet began to shuffle toward what he assumed was the kitchen.  The fridge opened.  Logic dictated to Squall that Selphie was putting the dessert topping back into the fridge.  Feet shuffled back as Squall cracked open an eye to peek at Selphie from between his fingers.

She sat down on the couch next to him, an arm looping around the crook of his elbow.  Squall let the perky brunette pull his hand down before he laced his calloused hand with hers and gave it a gentle squeeze.  A small smile appeared on his face, cracking the otherwise icy shield that he kept up.

“Did something happen at Garden today?”

“You weren’t there?” Squall asked,  genuine surprise on his face.

Selphie giggled at him.  “No I had today off.  What happened?”

“Nothing exciting… just the usual –”

“Dignitaries from other countries and all that jazz?”


That earned Selphie a withering look as she giggled again.

“It’s true!” the girl said with a suddenly serious air about her.  “It’s the same thing day-after-day if you think about it.  There’s fighting everywhere and they all come running to you.”

Her lower lip jutted out into a pout as she leaned against Squall who patted her on the head in response.

“It’s my job to hear these people out Selphie,” Squall explained.  “If someone doesn’t help them, who will?”

“I know but you look so tired lately,” Selphie said as concern began colouring her voice.  “I wish you’d take a day off every now and again.  You’re gonna fall apart at this rate!”

This was why he’d given her the key.  He swiped the dollop of cool whip off her nose and gave her a sidelong smile.  Kind spirited people like Selphie did not belong in Garden but there she was.  She was more suited to teaching children or flower arranging than ever fighting in a war.  Yet she’d fought in the war anyway with as much passion and drive for world peace that she poured into making sure that everybody was settling down okay.

A tugging at his arm woke Squall from his reverie as Selphie was grinning at him.  “I know that spacing out look Squall Leonhart.”

Another chuckle escaped from him as Squall stood up let Selphie drag him into the kitchen.

“Let’s talk about more exciting things while we cook dinner!”

“…Let’s just order a pizza.”


“–I remember the last time we cooked dinner together,” Squall recalled.  “We had to call the fire department.”

“Oh yeah…”


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