[fanfic] Best Surprise Ever

A large blanket pooled around Selphie who sat in bed with her eyes closed.  She’d been ordered to close them by one Irvine Kinneas who had been up to something.  It wasn’t every day that the cowboy rose before Selphie did.  She was the morning person between the two of them and to hear Irvine shuffling around had the perky brunette wonder what was going.

“What’s going on?” She asked curiously while fidgeting with the hem of her borrowed night shirt.

“It’s a surprise,” Irvine drawled out as he pushed the curtains opened.

“I like surprises,” she murmured approvingly after a sleepy yawn escaped from her.

“I know you do.”

“Can I look yet?”

Irvine laughed.  “No darlin’, not quite.”

She waited about fifteen seconds before asking again as more curtains were opened.  Selphie clamped her eyes shut tighter in response to the sunlight that poured into the room.  The cowboy grinned at the girl as he settled himself behind her, hands placed on her shoulders.

“Okay darlin’,” he whispered in her ear.  “Now you can look.”

A squeal of sheer joy filled the room as Selphie stared at the softly falling snowflakes.  Her snow fairies had come to visit her as she leaned back against the cowboy whose arms wrapped around her petite frame.

“I’m glad you like it,” he murmured before kissing her on the cheek.

“Best surprise ever.”

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