[fanfic] Bail Out

“Brother, what have you gotten yourself into now?”

Sabin looks up at Edgar, curious. “What are you talking about?”

“This,” the elder twin points at a Chocobo egg. “Why are you taking Chocobo eggs from their nests?”

“The nest looked abandoned!” Sabin protests. “And the egg is still warm so I couldn’t leave it out there.”

Edgar sighs, knowing what his brother is like when he gets worked up about something. Sabin is always the one who wants to protect everything. Be it a small child, a servant being mistreated or — in this case — a Chocobo egg, he would protect it.

“And where do you propose to keep the egg until it hatches?”

“In our room,” Sabin supplies simply with a confident grin on his face. “I’ll build it a small stable and we can take turns sleeping with it to keep it warm.”

Edgar balks at his brother, staring incredulously. “How are you going to explain the sudden appearance of a Chocobo Stable in our bedroom?”

“Uh… I’ll think of something!” Sabin waffles. “I’ll say that I wished for a Chocobo Stable to be built in our room one night and it instantly appeared!”

A hearty laugh fills the room as Edgar walks purposefully over to Sabin and frees the younger twin of the Chocobo Egg. He cradles it gently, like he would with an infant and motions for Sabin to stand.

“You’re right about one thing,” Edgar points out. “We can’t abandon this egg and let the little creature inside of it die.”

Sabin looks at his brother hopefully. He feels like he’s won and races toward the door. “Great! I’ll go get –”

“However,” Edgar says firmly. “It can’t stay in our room.”

“But we’ll get in trouble if we take it to the Stable. You know how the Stable Master gets.”

“Not to worry,” Edgar says confidently. “I’ll talk to one of the young ladies working in the stable.”

Now it’s Sabin who’s staring, bemused at what Edgar is getting on about.

“You see,” Edgar continues, noting the look on his brother’s face. “I’ll convince the girl to place this egg in with the new clutch that’s going to hatch any day now.”

“But how are we going to take care of it?”

“After the Chicobo hatches little brother,” Edgar opens the door and walks out into the hallway. “We’ll see to it that the Chicobo is placed into the area of the stable where the Royal Family’s Chocobo’s are kept. Simple no?”

Sabin nods as he follows behind a few paces.

“I think I’ll name him Bruiser.”

— Sabin Rene and Edgar Roni Figaro; age 12.

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