[fanfic] Inner Mind Theatre Take 1!

This blog needs something different!  I do write for other fandoms that aren’t geared towards Final Fantasy I swear!  Anywho… it’s Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club and everybody who’s seen any of the anime or read the manga knows that he’s a Haruhi fangirl.  Here’s another one of his daydreams about Haruhi. 

Tamaki walked down the beach, parasol in hand to shelter his precious Haruhi from the harmful rays of the sun. He was in a state of mind that could be compared to wedded bliss. He was alone with Haruhi and it felt like a dream come true! Tamaki considered what he could do to win Haruhi over that day. Perhaps he could tickle the ivories for her listening pleasure or impart some pearls of French culture into her commoner mind. Whatever it was, the king of the host club knew that it would impress the girl.

Haruhi began to giggle as she started to skip ahead. Tamaki followed behind her at a leisurely pace, enjoying her carefree company. There was nothing in the world that could make this day any better. The day was clear with nary a cloud in the sky. The water sparkled as the blond hoped that the two of them could go swimming later.

Or at least that was what Tamaki had been dreaming before a rather annoying noise brought him back from his daydreaming. Sprawled out in his bed, Tamaki fished around for his cell phone. Flipping the device open, the picture brought a brief sense of ire to him. “Kaoru, what is it?”

The conversation lasted for a few moments before the phone. A grin played on his face like the music he played on the piano. The excitement was pouring out of his body as he scurried about the room getting prepared to visit his most cherished daughter at her home. He was ready before a maid could come to wake him, rushing out of the house toward the outside.

“Tamaki-sama!” a voice called after him.

“What is it; can’t you see that I’m late to see my daughter?”

“I would suggest against leaving the house without pants on.”

Looking over his shoulder, Tamaki saw his maid. His gaze went down to his lower half and indeed he was not wearing any pants. “Ah, thank you! I’ll get right on that.”

He raced back into his room and pulled on a pair of pants. In a matter of what seemed like seconds, Tamaki was racing out the door of his home toward the car.

Today would be his day!

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