[fanfic] Dirty Work

It would appear that I wrote some more recent FFVI fanfic and haven’t posted it anywhere! Ah well, it’ll be posted up now! It hints at events that occur in the beginning of the game so it’s very spoilerific if you’ve never played the game. By the way, I recommend that you do because in my opinion, it’s one of the best games in the series.

The wind whipped their hair and cloaks in every direction from the top of the cliff.  They were surrounded by snow that threatened to snuff out their meagre campfire.  The large machinations that bore them through their environment were on standby as the two men sipped gingerly at their coffee.

The green-haired girl — the fabled Magitek Witch — stood on guard, seemingly impervious to the cold.  Her fate as it stood was arguably cruel and the circlet around her forehead sealed it.  The men in their military armour did not pity the girl her destiny not did they desire it.

They were just there to finish their mission.  Find the relic of myth; the Esper.

The nameless, soulless girl was just there to do their dirty work.

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