[fanfic] Broken Hearted Girl

To My Selphie,

If you are reading this Selph, then something bad has happened to me.  I just want you to know that I love you always and while you are gonna be hurting for a good long time after this but I hope that you will be able to move on someday.  I want you to know that I will be watching over you always even if I’m not there.  I will always be on your side, no matter what.

Love Always,


Selphie sat on the cold, hard bench outside of Balamb Garden’s auditorium with tears in her eyes.   The sun shone on her in brilliant rays but did little to lighten her mood opting to bounce off the tiled floor and cascade into the plants behind her.  Dressed in formal Uniform, the perky brunette stared at the letter held tightly in her hands in disbelief.  Irvine wasn’t dead.  He hadn’t been killed in action, hadn’t left her despite his declaration that he’d always be by her side.  The sides of the handwritten note crumpled in her clenching hands as her shoulders began shaking.

The love of her life, swept away from her in a heartbeat.  It felt like her heart had been ripped out of her chest as her body began to quake.  They’d asked her to speak at the funeral and she couldn’t even muster the courage to enter the procession.  She was the only one left in the hallway, clutching desperately at the last thing she’d even be given from her Cowboy; her best friend.

“Why…” she whispered as the finely carven door opened.  “Why did you have to leave me?”

“Selphie,” an icy voice ordered.  “It’s time.”

“Squall,” she muttered brokenly.  “What do I do now?”

The stiff fabric of the SeeD formal dress shifted stiffly as the Commander sat beside his friend.  Not entirely certain how to react to a close friends’ pain, the brunet simply placed his hand on her trembling shoulder.  What should she do now?  She’d have to learn that on her own as the pair sat next to each other.  The silence was cadenced by crumpling paper and broken sobs.  The Commander looked down at the document in Selphie’s hands which was slowly becoming soaked with her tears.  With some effort, Squall removed it from her hands and carefully folded it.  His eyes were distant, trying to comprehend the loss of not only a comrade and friend but a member of his family.

It was a funny notion.  Squall wasn’t sure when he’d begun to think of his friends as a family, he just had and it felt right.  Why ruin something that just felt right?

“It’s not fair… I didn’t even…”


She looked up at Squall with an unbearable pain in her red, puffy eyes.  They’d both been there when Irvine and his Squad had left for the mission.  The cowboy hadn’t given Selphie many details about his last mission but she knew that it was a dangerous one.  She’d insisted on seeing him off alongside the Commander of Balamb Garden.  Irvine had grinned at Selphie reassuringly to try and assuage her worry before he’d boarded the airship that would take the Squad to an ill-fated battle.

The Squad never returned from the mission.

“I didn’t get to tell him goodbye or that I love him,” she said in a tiny voice.  “Or anything!”

Squall tucked the folded paper into the pocket of Selphie’s jacket before rising to his feet.  He wouldn’t make her speak, couldn’t blame her if she didn’t have the means to do so.  Resolutely, he held a calloused hand out to the brunette and nodded once as their eyes met.

Selphie gripped the Commander’s hand tightly as the two walked into the auditorium slowly.  Quistis and Zell were flanking their sides shortly after their appearance.

“Selph,” Zell whispered.  “We’ll get through it together.  All of us.”

Squall and Quistis nodded in agreement.  Their family may have been smaller but the bond between them was stronger than ever.

It was a bond that would never be broken.

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