[Writing] To Battle

Sabin was meditating in the north-eastern parapet of the castle when the clanking of armour came to his ears.  The sun had begun to rise in the west but it vanished as soon as it appeared which was peculiar.  Blue eyes cracked open instantly before the blond was rising to his feet.  Something felt amiss to the monk as he walked quickly to greet the guard.

“What’s happening?” Sabin asked firmly.

“Lord Sabin,” the guard breathed out.  “Dragons from the West!  Thousands of them!”

Sabin’s eyes were wide in surprise.  He hadn’t been expecting an attack on the castle this soon.  Things had been surprisingly peaceful after they’d ridden their home of Kefka.  The Prince had even taken the time to explore unknown territory with Locke as he knelt down and picked up the Godhand he’d received from Memoria.  He was pulling the straps of the weapon on tightly before checking his armour.  Everything felt more or less in place as Sabin raced off toward the Western Wall of Figaro.

“Wake Edgar!  I’m heading out there!”

He had to get out there and try to buy Edgar time to rouse the Army so they could protect the castle and the town that was nestled around the city.  He’d put Duncan’s training to good use as his long strides carried him effortlessly through the pathways of the castle he knew so well.  There was a hidden passage that led to the Western wall nearby as he dipped down the pathway.  He could hear the roaring through the thick walls as he willed his legs to pump harder, carry him to the outside to start fighting the monsters off.

The door was in sight in what felt like hours later as Sabin quickly threw the door open and launched himself at the Dragons.  He unleashed an Aura Cannon at the villains before himself as his hands wrapped around the neck of one of the beasts only to have the beast wrap its mighty maw around Sabin’s leg with a sickening crunch.  The Prince merely grunted before he began to pummel the monster with his raging fists.

“You won’t get near them as long as there’s breath remaining in me!”


Fandom: Final Fantasy 6

Characters: Sabin

Word Count: 367

Prompt: no prompt

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