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[fiction] The Beginning – Names

The initial scan of her PID reveals that her name is Crystal Jayde Young. At the young age of seventeen, I learn there’s been a lot going on for someone of that age.

Her talent was discovered at the age of six while she was living in an orphanage located in the New Orion slums. She was left in the care of the older children who thought her to be a bit odd. She was painfully shy and kept others at a distance from what the file says. It was almost as if she were afraid of the other children. Because of this, the other children mostly steered clear of her. The caretakers at the orphanage often had to keep the young child in what we call quiet rooms as they thought that there was a sensory processing issue. When the officers of the United Planetary Allegiance came through one day, one of their talent officers picked up on a powerful talent. After reading off the list of names of the children in the orphanage who were presented one-by-one for talent tests, one child wasn’t present.

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[fiction] The Beginning – One

This is the story of a girl. And while she didn’t cry a river and drown the whole world, she definitely grew up alone and scared. I’m looking at that girl who huddled into a corner the minute I entered the brightly lit room. I see the small roman numeral tattoo on the inside of a thin, pale wrist of XV and I know that I’ve found who I’m looking for. I’m looking for a little girl with rust coloured hair in a dirty orphan’s smock. If these rumours are true, the little waif of a child in front of me has a special talent.

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[fanfic] Ended in Disaster

They had failed.

They couldn’t stop him and it took everything they had to escape that crumbling, floating continent with their lives in tact. The collective heart of the group was heavy with the gloom that they hadn’t achieved their goal. With the exception of Setzer, the group watched with varying degrees of despair and horror as everything they had fought to protect fell apart. Locke and Celes in particular were staring at the ground thousand of feet below them as the power of the Warring Triad wrecked havoc, their hair blowing into their eyes.

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[poetry] Don’t Be Afraid

Content warning: This poem may deal with subject matter that some may find difficult to read. Please accept my apologies in advance if this does happen. With this in mind, I am placing the body of this poem under a cut so that those who may be sensitive to this topic can easily move onto the next piece in this blog if they desire. If you do find yourself reading this poem and are dealing with darker times, please do not hesitate to seek help or talk to someone that you trust.

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[poetry] Hearts of the World

This is dedicated to those

Who have gone too soon.

Many will forget you but to others,

You’re a treasure.

You brought light to someone’s life,

Joy to those who knew you best and

Love to special someone’s who needed it most.

A beacon of hope has been taken,

Swept away to a greater purpose.

Never forget them.

Always cherish them.

Never let their memory fade.

Keep them close to your heart.

Their laughter may be gone,

The sound of their voices may drift,

But their warmth will always remain.

There are a select few who know your pain.

There are more who wouldn’t wish this on another.

There are many who don’t understand,

Would use someone’s tragedy to further,

Ever further their agenda.

Don’t let those people win.

Don’t let the monsters who invaded your realm

Take residence in your hold.

I may not relate to your tragedy,

But I know the pain of loss.

The hearts of the world bleed for you.

The hearts of the world become one.

[fanfic] Selphie, Please

There’s a young girl perusing the contents of a junkyard, looking for scraps of anything viable for a weapon upgrade. She’s small but, she sticks out like a sore thumb. Literally, she’s a tiny speck of a person in a yellow jumper that would be a shirt on anyone of average height and brown hair curled up in a way that could only defy gravity. Really, nobody knew how she got it to curl up like that day-in-and-out but there she was, bounding around the junkyard with relentless energy. She’s been told to be careful and not trip as a boot goes flying through the air.

“Squaaaaaaaall,” the girl calls to a silent young man with his arms crossed over his chest. “Can you bring my boot?”

“Selphie, please,” Squall sighed as he picked up the brown boot and brought it back to the brunette whose green eyes were sparkling with mischief. “We’re here –”

“–For work. I know,” Selphie interrupted with a playful grin when her eyes settled on something that was not for customizing weapons.

The object was covered in rust and was easily half of the height of the perky brunette who pulled her boot back on and went barrelling toward the object with reckless abandon. As she skids to a halt near the object, she hauled it out of the debris with little issue and cheers delightfully as she hauls the object onto her shoulder and settles her hands on the forward grip and trigger. The playful grin on her face was now transforming into an impish grin as she looks over at Squall.

“Look,” she calls over to her friend as he rolled his eyes. “Can I keep it?”

Squall glowers at the perky brunette before he marched over to her with the intent of taking the weapon from her.

“I promise that I’ll take good care of it and only use it when dealing with Seifer,” she continues in a playful tone laced with more than a fair bit of dark humour.

Squall kept a brisk pace before standing in front of Selphie and looking down at her with a stormy glare. He holds a leather-clad hand out in front of him as the perky brunette shook her head.

“I’m not giving it up,” she protested as Squall placed his free hand on the front of the object. “I never get to play with bazookas.”

“For good reason,” he murmured thoughtfully. “Selphie, give me the bazooka.”

“Why?” She asked in a cute tone. She wasn’t intending to give it up without a fight.

“Because you’re not trained for using ballistic weapons,” Squall responded practically.

Selphie made a noise imitating a buzzer and smiled sweetly at her leader. “I completed that course back at Trabia.”

Squall shook his head in exasperation. Of course, she completed a course on using ballistic weapons. “You’re too small to use one that big.”

“Then…” she began to bargain. “If I give you this one, you’ll let me find one that’s more suited to my size?”

The two continue the back-and-forth of silly banter before the leader decides that he’s had enough of her games for one day. The childish banter had gone long enough even though it only lasts a few minutes.

“Selphie, please,” Squall said with a tone of finality. “Give me the bazooka.”

Selphie’s lower lip juts out into a pout as she reluctantly surrendered the weapon.


[fanfic] Sunshine – Four

Four โ€“ Chronicles of the Sentient Tree

Once upon a time, I lost all of my memories! All of them. I didn’t even remember my own name. Can you imagine having a dream about a random event in your life having the only clues to your past? Can you imagine having to pick a new name for yourself? Can you imagine having to break out of an egg filled with a weird goo? Oh yeah, can you also imagine waking up in a new place as a grown person completely and utterly naked in front of a stranger that you’re meeting for the first time? No? Well, it happened. It totally happened.

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[fanfic] Sunshine – Three

Three โ€“ Phoenix Ikki and Smoker

Before I ever met Yuri and Flynn and everyone else in Crystallis, there was a village inside a barrier known as Luceti. I was trapped inside a barrier in this place for three years of my reversed life. Everyone who lived there were brought in to be experimented on by an organization known as the Malnosso. We were given wings and barcodes on the backs of our necks.

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[fanfic] Sunshine – Two

Two โ€“ Yuri and Flynn to an Extent

I highly doubt that you’ll ever find two people more drastically different than Yuri and Flynn. I met them both during my time in Crystallis. We woke up one day in a research facility where we were destined to be a crackpot by the name of Kalki’s guinea pigs. Let’s just say that a lot of us weren’t going to have that. I woke up in the research facility with Zell by my side, with white crystals in our possession and moogle partners to help us during our journey.

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[fanfic] Sunshine – One

One โ€“ The End is in the Beginning

I made a promise to some dear friends in a place called Aqures Ixen. I promised to never forget them and that I would write about them. Well, while I’m not equipped with a Guardian Force and of a non foggy mind, I’m going to do exactly that! But I guess I have to start at the end of one major life event and rewind back to the end of another. It’s… gonna be a bit a weird.

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